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real-time analytics

Harness the potential of Glinstock and become a data-driven organization.

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Get actionable insights from Glinstock in 3 steps.

Data in real-time

Collect data in real-time from multiple channels and move it into a data lake, in its original format.

Powerful Algorithms

With the help of powerful algorithms, quality rules & techniques, obtain simplified & enriched data.

Valuable business insights

Collect processed & cleansed data that is ready to be analyzed to gather valuable business insights.

Experience Elegant &
Powerful Technology to ease your life.

Global look in real-time

See what’s happening at your terminal in real-time, analyze the metrics and use the insight offered to make smart business decisions.

Yard Planning

Customize yard requests and approval processes to visualize your yard utilization to informed scheduling and decision making.

It supports big data

Maximize the performance & a stable process no matter what the business dimension is.

Well defined use interface

Improve your operation system and not wasting time on how to use the software.


Unlock the power of
the true technology

With Glistock, increase productivity, taking advantage of available
resources and turn your organization into a solid database




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